An old evil spirit, that of Horace Granger, is not any old evil spirit but one that is very different. It not only tells you the past and future, it also protects you from danger, keeps away people who hate you, and warns you about the people who are a threat to you. Granger wants to be a true Friend, a Protector, an Armour against the bad around you. He wants to fill the loneliness in your life with its true friendship. Hannah is a hider. She cries at her mother’s grave, but does not care for a father, David, who is alive. She and David lived as strangers in the same house. There’s something that happened a long time ago which distanced her from David. She does not have answers to his questions. How could she, when she herself has some unanswered question about her past? Now she lived a life which is lonely and lost. She likes it this way, until a friend comes into her life – a friend in the form of the evil spirit of Granger. Jake is a vagabond, carefree yet cagey, awkward in front of others and uncomfortable with people around him. After the sudden death of his mother who had committed suicide he’s been all alone. It happened years ago, but the reason still haunts Jake. Why did she do it? The search brings him to David’s doorstep. David is the one who possibly has the answers. Answers, which could push Jake deeper into loneliness, until it’s realized his mother’s death was connected to the Granger’s spirit. Alice is a sexy waitress on a binge with men. While there were many who were almost standing in a line to have sex with her, there were none who’d want to say ‘I do’. This truth makes her lonely. Only one man understood her loneliness. Joe, the chef in the same cafeteria where Alice works. But Joe somehow felt short on confidence to walk up to Alice, grab her hand and say ‘I do’. He neither had the looks nor the physique of the men Alice dated. Joe realized that to win her over he must do something heroic. Like destroying the evil spirit of Granger? People around Sophie were killing themselves in the most horrible ways. Her employer drank acid, a stalker burnt himself alive, her brother jumped in front of a speeding train, and her lover jumped from a tenth floor terrace. The presence of a ‘certain thing’ in her life had made them die. And now the same ‘thing’ leads her to a point from which her only escape is death. She was ready to slit her wrists. The hand holding the sharp blade shivered as she brought the blade close to her wrist. Suddenly a wooden cabinet in her room shook and trembled. One of the drawers rattled hard. ‘Some thing’ inside it wanted to come out. It made her more edgy and nervous. She was about to slit her wrist when suddenly the drawer opened. Her eyes stared in fear because she knew what was inside it. – the evil spirit of Granger. Hexing is a film full of mystery, horror, drama, suspense and emotion.


Writing Credit : Vivek Singhania


Dominique Swain

as Alice

Ketan Anand

as Horace Granger

Emma Eliza Regan

as Hannah

Adam Weafer

as Joe

Zeb Moore

as David

Nigel Mercier

as Rodney

Alicia Gerrard


Shane Robinson

as Jake

Jan Graveson

as Elizabeth

Camille Solal

as Madame Esetelle

Zoe Corraface


Elaine Kennedy

as Hannah's Mom

Conor Marren


Michael Parle

Antique Shop Owner

Claire Blennerhassett


Mike Fuller

Detective Rourke

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